Showreel FX & Motion Design / Motion Design

The next Showreel shows a selection of some of my work on Visual Effects and Motion Design I did as a visual effect artist assistant during my Internship in the motion design company” Shot Shot Shot”, located in Graz (Austria).

One of my tasks on 2D Animation consisted on designing facial expressions to be applied on 3d characters, using Flash programme. However, most of my work was based on designing Motion Graphics pieces and Image Retouching by After Effects. In order to apply visual effects such as tracking or rotoscoping I specialised myslef in handling Mocha software. In addition, I was in charge of illustration and graphic design tasks as an art director assistant. I also took part with the rest of the team in the regular brainstorming meetings about the projects. Finally, I had the chance of working on shootings as an art director assistant to define the aesthetics and the atrezzo of some spots.

PLEASE NOTE: See more information about my Motion Design projects clicking on Showreel FX or directly on Shot Shot Shot website:

Motion Design
2d animation, advertising, art direction, audiovisual, illustration, image retouching, motion design, motion graphics, rotoscopy, showreel, tracking, visual effects