Safari I Shoes for kids I Corporate Identity

Naming and Corporate Identity Design to create the brand “Safari I Shoes for kids”, market place which offers a wide diversity of shoes for children, produced in Alicante`s region and distributed abroad. This very well-known region because of the shoes quality production in Comunidad Valenciana (Spain).


“Safari I Shoes for Kids” naming comes from the next conclusions.

First of all, Safari is a kind of shoes defined by soft touch leather which expresses quality and comfort. The resistance is another of the features of this kind of “all-terrain” shoes. The quality, resistance and safety offered by this Safari shoes are identified with the branding values that the e-commerce wants to communicate.

Secondly, “Safari” is a funny place to go for the children. They want to go to the Safari to discover different and exotic animals only they have seen on the cartoon. They want to explore the nature and get adventure. In the Safari you can find a the strongest and faster animals. This idea of resistence fits with the brand assets.

Finally, “Shoes for Kids” is the tagline a little bit smaller to stands out the main logo Safari, in order to clarify the kind of products Safari sells.


The brand design is inspired by the idea of “footstep”. This concept is shown by playing around with two visual shapes: the footstep of a little human being and the shape of the tracks belonged to wild animals like the lion or giraffe. From this way the concept of “footwear” is connected with the funny environment of the “safari” that awakes the children a funny and exciting spirit.

In order to catch more attention from the kids, the logo shows a playful combination of colors: yellow and brown. The main reason of these two colors is the association these have with very representative animals from the Safari like the giraffe .

Besides catching the attention from the children, Safari shoes for kids wants appeal directly to the parents or tutors who are the final buyers of the shoes by standing out the brand assests of professionalism and quality. Because of that, a condensed typography has been chosen, readable and modern font that stresses the brand assets the e-commerce pursues to express. In order to get more contrast, the tagline “Shoes for Kids” is shown in a smaller size and in capital letters.

Click on if your are interested in taking a look at the e-commerce.


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