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“Mensaje sin Botella” (by Caramuxo Teatro) / Ad Campaign

Final Project Thesis Work of my Master´s Degree in Advertising Art Direction I carried out during my studies in University of Vigo between 2011 and 2012. My proposal involved the creativity, design and presentation of an Advertising Campaign to promote the theater play for children and families “Mensaje sin botella” (Spanish adaptation from the Galician version “Mensaxe sen botella”),  magic world full of fun and moral lessons, directed and performed by the Galician theater company “Caramuxo Teatro”.

The aim of this campaign was to improve their market position into the national and latin market, by two main advertising strategies. Firstly, enhancing the visual impact and the competitivity of “Caramuxo Teatro” brand by redesigning their corporate identity (clicking on Caramuxo Teatro to see more details about the corporate identity project). Secondly, relaunching the most succesful Caramuxo plays in Galicia “Mensaxe sen botella”, but this time by the Spanish version to expand the promotion to the national and international market. In this case what I wanted to approach was to bring up an attractive art direction design of advertising graphic and audiovisual pieces to promote the play and, at the same time, to boost Caramuxo recognition.

The visual concept of this campaign is focused on the idea of “Smart Magic” as an interpretation of the magic, funny and didactic world created by Caramuxo Teatro spirit. It is a fantastic and lively world, plenty of colours, textures, places and fictional characters to catch the attention of children but also the adults. Families and children enjoying together with Caramuxo tales, from different perspectives.

The collage style depicts the “Smart Magic”concept through a composition based on the combination of illustration and recycled materials. The goal was to get away from the childilsh clichés of soft colors and rounded shapes to show an original and creative new world of fantasy engaging for a general audience.

The campaign is introduced by the design of different graphic and audiovisual advertising pieces. On this project it is shown: play tickets design, promotional DVD multimedia design, posters, advertising canvas, mupis to be applied on Bus stops, brochures, educative dossiers. As to audiovisual pieces, I shooted, designed and presented the “Mensaje sin botella” teaser to get the interest of  a general audienece about the theater play. Finally, I display an online design proposal besides the redesign of the current Caramuxo website to keep the aesthetics with the new brand design.

PLEASE NOTE: As I mentioned beforehand, this project  is a personal interpreatation I did for my Final Thesis Work of my Master´s Degree in Advertising Art Direction, studied in University of Vigo, betwen 2011 and 2012. Therefore, it is a personal project pending to be updated by the theater company.

Advertising, Art Direction
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