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Mejias Transportes / Corporate Identity

Creative process and brand design of “Mejias Transportes” to promote the transport services offered by Antonio Mejias as a lorry driver of marble stone in Spain.

The aim of this project is to combine in only one visual concept the three main elements of this service, that is, “transport”, “marble stone and “Mejias” (lorry driver surname).

The visual concept of this project is based on the idea of “Safe Load Transport”. In order to approach this aim, I have designed a minimalist and modern design, which is immediately related to transport services, because of the dynamism of the brand. This movement is represented by  “transportistas” (in italics), but also by the arrow which comes from the marble stone symbol, placed on the right side of the brand and depicted by the two parallel lines. The lorry driver is clearly identified by the surname “Mejias”, which is shown in capital letters in order to stand out the importance of the driver. This relevance is also stressed by the intense steel blue colour which is usually connected with male features, expressing at the same time confidence and safety assets. Over the background colour, the brand appears in white colour to recall one of the main elements of this brand: the marble stone.

Besides the brand design, you can see some corporate brand applications as for example business card, stationery products, lorry driver uniform and also vinyls corporate design to show the brand style on the truck.


Corporate Identity
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