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Mar de Abril I Summer Wear I Corporate Identity

Creativity and graphic design of  “Mar de Abril” Corporate Identity. The brand is an e-commerce focused on selling summer wear and accessories, all of them based on the boho look.

The design is inspired by the summer environment and the boho style in order to depict the key assets of the brand: nature, ethnic inspiration and a women´s look.

The brand shows us how the sun and the sea are merged by the sunset as a way to express the nature itself. Nature which is colored by ethnic hues like the yellow and brown colors to recall us the african sun at sunset. A wild and sweet sunset which is connected with a sweet and adventurous women with a strong personality. As to the sea, it is shown by the combination of blue turquoise hues and simplicity on the waves strokes.

The cheerful spirit is provided by a handwriting typography used for “Mar de Abril” in italic position to express the soft movement of the waves. However the tagline “summer wear” is shown by a Sans Serif font in order to get more contrast and modernity in the general look.

In short, the brand expresses the happy and summer mood by playing around with the blue turquoise and warm colors combined with softness and simplicity on the shapes providing to Mar de Abril the definition of an elegant, cheerful, modern, and adventurous summer brand for women.

Besides the brand design, the portfolio shows corporative applications such as business card, tags for items, merchandising related tot summer accessories (tote bag, beach towel) , the web design and social media look.

Click on mardeabril.com if your are interested in taking a look at the e-commerce of summer wear.


Corporate Identity, Online Design
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