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Loca Utopía (Erotic Boutique) / Corporate Identity

Creative process and corporate identity design of “Loca Utopía”, an online erotic boutique which offers home services of tupper sex meetings, bachelorette parties and many other events related to erotic product sales.

The visual concept of this brand is focused on the main brand asset of Loca Utopía: “be suggestive”. The design of the brand expresses sensuality and fantasy by playing around with visual metaphors. We can see how the woman lips are tempted by the aphrodisiac aroma coming from a suggestive strawberry. An attractive and provocative strawberry which reminds us a kind of uncut diamond, because of its shape. At the same time, this diamond recalls an object of desire which is interpreted by the female as an irresistible temptation to have fun with the seductive game

Besides the brand design, this work shows corporative design applications such as business card, label design for products, merchandising bags and online applications for tablet and smartphone.

Corporate Identity
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