Casa Jiménez / Wine Packaging Design

Art direction and wine label packaging design of “Casa Jimenez”, an spanish crianza wine produced by the wineries called “Bodega Cooperativa de Algueña”.

The goal of this project was to update the look of the previous packaging without missing the most representative element of this wine (in this case the illustration of the house and the presence of nature). In addition, the design had to show a visual coherence among all wines produced by the winery in order to create a visual guide for the winery brand “Vinos de Algueña”.

The visual concept is inspired by the intense ruby red color which defines the powerful taste of Casa Jiménez. A crianza wine of monastrell variety produced in a particular land of many years of care and singular nature, which is able to stand heavy weather. This nature is depicted by a poetic and smart way, by using organic and floral elements that provide to the design a romantic look, with appeals to tradition but also nature. The red hues and metallic colors fill the ornaments of the packaging to represent the strong and intense taste of the wine and at the same time the quality of the wine. The white background gets a nice contrast to the rest of the graphic elements , standing out the simplicity and elegancy of the a nice and sparky label. Lastly, and most important element : “the house” of the owner of Casa Jimenez vineyard, and old house which is shown from a modern and original way in grey color and blurred over the background to provide the packaging design a very interesting bohemian touch.

Art Direction, Packaging Design
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