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Caramuxo Teatro / Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity Redesign of  “Caramuxo Teatro”, a Galician theater company for children and families, placed in A Coruña (Spain) and very well known for their plays full of magic and educative principles.

This is a personal project of Branding I did as a part of my Final Thesis Work for my Master´s Degree in Advertising Art Direction during my studies in the University of Vigo (Spain) between 2011 and 2012. In order to see more details about the advertising campaign besides graphic and audiovisual design pieces, clicking on Mensaje sin Botella Ad Campaign (Caramuxo Teatro).

My proposal was based on defining the visual concept inspired by Caramuxo magic spirit and the personality of the two main actors of this theater company. In order to carry out the purpose, my idea is focused on depicting the “caramuxo” element through a minamilist and iconographic design. “Caramuxo” is a Galician word used to define a sort of seashell very common in the north of Galicia, where the theatre company is located. My aim was to show a playful and modern style to catch the attention of children but also the interest of adults. The red hue recalls the red theater curtain and the black colour represents the idea of silence and darkness before the performance, connecting from this way both tones to the theatre atmosphere. In order to keep an harmonic aesthetics, these two intense colours are smoothed by a slighlty grey touch. The result is an original brand design, which shows an illustrative touch to appeal the children audience and, at the same time, expressing modernity and elegance to awake the interest of the adult sector as well.

On the gallery you can see the evolution from the current design to the redesign proposal, inspired by the new visual concept. Besides the brand design, it is shown different brand applications on stationery, editorial design, online design (web redesign proposal, facebook cover page, twitter profile, etc.).

Corporate Identity
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