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Albacol (Ecological Snails) / Corporate Identity

Creative process and brand design of “Albacol“, company placed in Albacete (Spain) which is in charge of breeding and selling ecological Spanish snails to restaurants of  traditional gastronomy and home-cooking meals.

The visual concept of this brand gets away from the classic spirals to represent a new concept of snail. Unlike many other illustrations, this proposal shows the snail through its frontal perspective. It is a new and original point of view which expresses assurance and confidence through an elegant touch, depcited by the iconographic illustration style. Albacol is a Spanish product which looks straight because it is a self-confident snail and it relies on the quality of its natural breeding and the authenticity of its Spanish taste.

Besides the brand desing, the project shows brand corporate applications I have desing as for example the business card, packaging design for selling the product and brand applications on devices.


Corporate Identity
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