Graphic Designer & Art Director

I am a Spanish girl born in Elche (Alicante) in the late eighties.

I consider myself as a very passionate person, eager to interpret visually everything which is around me by using Images.

I observe, listen, feel and think about everything to inspire myself to create shapes, colours, textures and concepts.

My goal is to communicate your idea, your brand, your product or your service, from a different and unique perspective.

In short, I am devoted to “Turn YOUR IDEA into IMAGES and make YOUR DREAM REAL.


Since I was a child, my colouring book and my colour pencils case have been always my favourite toys. Although, over the years, I was adding new tools to my special illustration and painting corner, such as, the blank canvas and the watercolour and oil palettes. There is no doubt that painting has been always one of my favourite hobbies, but not the only one.

At the age of eighteen I started to study my Bachelor Degree but, what to study? I liked Art and Design but also the Communication field, Advertising and Film…so I decided to study a little bit of everything, what for me meant the University Degree in Audiovisual Communication.

My goal was to immerse myself in as many creative influences as I could to develop my creativity and decide, afterwards, the specialization I liked the most. As a result, after finishing my Bachelor and my Final Thesis Work in Salzburg (Austria) I returned to Spain. My next destination was Galicia, the north of Spain. There I studied a Master´s Degree in Advertising Art Direction which provided me the specialization I wanted to approach as a Graphic Designer & Art Director.

However, apart from studying, travelling and living abroad is essential not only to enjoy as a travel lover but also to find out new cultures and different perspectives about how to understand Design and Creativity fields. Because of all these reasons, and because I love learning and meeting new people, my career switches between Spain and my experiences abroad.

As to my international experience, in Ireland and Canada I improved my English level and, when I was in Austria and also in Germany, I learned German. In Graz (Austria) I got the chance to do an Internship as a Motion Designer and Visual Effect Artist, working in the Motion Design Agency “Shot Shot Shot”. Afterwards, I was hired by the Design & Adveritising Agency “Peter Schmdit Group” to work as a Graphic Designer in the Packaging department placed in Hamburg (Germany). And, during the time in between my different international experiences, I have been working in Spain as a Graphic Designer and Art Director Freelancer.

Thanks to all of these experiences and also because of my studies in different creative fields, nowadays I have a broader perspective about Design and Creativity.

Currently, I am working as a Freelance Designer, carrying out different sort of projects related to Branding, Graphic Design, Art Direction and Advertising for individual clients as well as for companies, as an external collaborator.